The following are tests conducted by NASA before, during and after bedrest.  Any yellow LINK signifies a test for which I provided a description and photos.

Also bear in mind that I am not a medical doctor, and am not aiming for textbook accuracy beyond layman's terms; I describe my subjective opinion of each experience, but speak only for myself and no other test participants :)

ClinLAB Clinical Laboratory Assessment Invasive
ClinNutr Clinical Nutritional Assessment Invasive
DEXA Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry  (aka Bone Densitometry) Easy & Painless
DV-Foot IV Pump + Infusion needles  (Reaction to countermeasure meds) Invasive
DV-Hand IV Pump + Infusion needles  (Reaction to countermeasure meds) Invasive
CF-Echo Cardiovascular Function: EchoCardiography with ultrasound Easy & Painless
FuncNeur Functional Neurological Assessment / Posturography Exertion
FuncSR Pharmacology - Functional Stretch Reflex Exertion
ImmC Immuno-competence Measurement Invasive
LVR Latent Virus Reactivation Invasive
Phys: Cycle Physical Fitness Evaluation: Aerobic Capacity Exertion + Invasive
Phys: Func Physical Fitness Evaluation: Functional Exertion
Phys: Iso Physical Fitness Evaluation: Isokinetic Exertion
PENS Dual IVs + Phenylephrine / Nitroprusside Invasive
pQCT Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Easy & Painless
PV Plasma Volume Measurement + 100% Oxygen Invasive
TILT Cardiovascular Function + ECG on Swivel Table Invasive
Vasc Cardiovascular Function + nitrogylcerin / reactive Hyperemia Easy & Painless
WinsCAT Windows Spaceflight Neuro-Cognitive Assessment Tool Written


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