Space Flight Simulations and Training

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Ed in 1980, as a suited test subject., in an EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) “space suit" ... conducting certification runs of the pre-flight testing of astronaut Bob Crippen’s gloves that were flown on STS-1 (Space Shuttle Columbia) in April 1981.
Ed in 2009, with the four STS-125 EVA crew, or spacewalkers, in front of the mock-up HST Aft Shroud following a training session in Houston, Texas.  From left to right, the astronauts are Mike Good (aka "Bueno"), John Grunsfeld (above, holding a tool above my head), me, Mike Massimino (aka "Mass"), and Drew Feustel.
(L to R) Ed and STS-125 Astronauts Megan McArthur, Drew Feustel and John Grunsfeld reviewing and inspecting flight tools to be used on STS-125, Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission.
Ed training with astronaut Mike Good for the Rate Sensing Unit (RSU) change out planned for STS-125/HST SM4. This photo was taken during a Crew Familiarization exercise in the High Fidelity Mechanical Simulator (HFMS) at Goddard Space Flight Center.
Astronaut Mike Massimino and Ed during training exercises at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at the Sonny Carter Training Facility.  Click here for further pictures of the entire NBL near Johnson Space Center in Houston.